Celsius Criticized After Leaking Data From Their Users

✍️ 2 August, 2022 - 10:27 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • Celsius, the cryptocurrency lending company, is looking for a way to recover after filing for bankruptcy.
  • However, the leak of personal data from The beginning of July has started to give something to talk about.
  • What does this leak mean for Celsius and its users?

Celsius, the cryptocurrency lending company, has confirmed the leak of its data by a Customer.io employee. In early July, a user from the company stole the list of email addresses platform clients. This significantly increases the risk of phishing attacks by malicious groups.

According to a statement made by Celsius, the email addresses were kept within Customer.io for the management of marketing campaigns. They were not linked to the accounts, so this leak “it did not represent any high risk” for its clients. However, Celsius is not in a position to allow this kind of error.

Celsius Files For Bankruptcy And Users Fear Losing All Cryptocurrencies

In early July, a Customer.io employee accessed the OpenSea database, to leak email addresses to a third party. Last week, Celsius informed all of its customers that the same ex-employee was to blame for the data theft on July 8 on his platform.

The question from most users is: If the event occurred in early July, Why did Celsius wait until July 28 to inform its customers? Currently, the platform lender is facing an avalanche of legal problems. After the suspension of withdrawals and its subsequent bankruptcy, many users have decided to take legal action against the crypto company. Richard Heart, founder of HEX, summed up the general sentiment in “Celsius. First, they lose their money, and then they lose their data.” Will the lender be able to recover after this?

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