The Best Crypto Memes (October 2022)

Crypto Memes October

✍️ 7 October, 2022 - 4:50 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

Crypto bears are not done with their onslaught yet. Thinking aloud, is there a greenfield crypto project one can hit a home run with?

Macroeconomic factors have wreaked havoc in the sector as the correlation between cryptos and stocks heightened. The Fed's monetary policy tightening and a high inflation rate are partly to blame.

Regardless, the internet never lacks enough humour to keep us going. Below are the best crypto memes for October. Starting us off is Follow4MoreCryptoMeme! He left us with this:

But as always we are the hodlers and hodling we will.

They say death, taxes, and bitcoin supply are the only certain things in life. But when will we get to the $1 million?

Back to the bear market, buying the dips, and other short stories. In reality, this is how its feels, holding BTC through the bear market.

Yep. We must soldier on.

And we had this from MEXC Fans. See no evil, hear no evil.

So, crypto market has been facing macro-economic factors. Inflation and energy crisis is one of them.

The crypto market is waiting for a bull run.

But the say strategy and more strategy.

Are dips really that bad?

To sum it up crypto volatility it is.

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