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Criptokio.com is a cryptocurrency, blockchain and decentralized economy website that was born in the month of April of the year 2021. Its founder, Jakub Motyka, is a technology expert with years of experience in the media sector behind him, and has a team of writers who are true Web 3.0 enthusiasts. that this generation of Bitcoin, Ethereum and, in short, DeFi projects, is managing to wake up. Because this has only just begun.

In Criptokio.com you will find news, tutorials and in-depth content on everything related to the crypto world. There is content for all levels, from users who are going to buy a fraction of a Bitcoin for the first time in their life, to those who know from pe to pe the PancakeSwap interface and exchange their BNB Smart Chain for the new altcoins that are coming out on the network. If the latter sounds like Chinese to you, don't be scared: if you read Criptokio.com daily, you'll end up understanding it better than you imagine.

The Authors Of The Blog

Jakub Motyka

Jakub Motyka - Founder

He is passionate about technology and believes that the blockchain has come to change the world forever. For him, Web 3.0 and the technology of DeFi projects will mean for this generation the same thing that the Internet did in its day from the 1990s. A real revolution.

The idea of creating this blog was born from the growing popularity of everything that goes beyond Bitcoin, which is already a revolution in itself: the blockchain and its day-to-day applications; DeFi projects and the possibilities they open up for an entire generation; NFT and its impact on the art world (even on the very concept of "art"); metaverses, altcoins... terms that, for Jakub, arouse absolute curiosity.

Angélica Añez - Writer

Angélica Añez

After several years of writing, what Angélica enjoys most about writing is learning. Little by little, she is getting deeper into the world of cryptos and learning new points of view on the subject, especially interested in NFTs and everything related to art as a token.

At Criptokio we love the impact that NFTs are having in the art world, so having Angelica is a privilege to share with us her vision of the role of the crypto world in the non-digital world.

Verónica Sastre - Writer

Verónica Sastre, redactora en Criptokio.com

Verónica is a writer and creator of web content on different topics. She is passionate about the world of cryptocurrencies and even more so, writing about this topic in a simple way.

This is just what we like at Criptokio: that our editors write about crypto in a way that everyone understands, so since October Veronica has become part of our team of writers. The world of cryptocurrencies must be available to everyone.

Juan Pais, redactor en Criptokio.com

Juan Pais - Writer

Because of his work as an editor, he has always written for other topics, but today what he is most passionate about is the topic of cryptos. He has knowledge of both cryptocurrencies and wallets as well as airdrops and exchanges.

He has a wallet in Coinbase and Trust Wallet, and accounts in a variety of exchanges such as Satoshi Tango, Binance, Crypto, Ripio, among others.

Julio Molina

Julio Molina - Writer

He is a young 20-year-old entrepreneur who already has no less than four years of experience in digital journalism, and is passionate about crypto trading. From an early age he has had the gift to understand the workings of the financial markets and cryptocurrencies, and now he works transmitting this knowledge to the readers of Criptokio.


Contact us sending an e-mail to contacto@criptokio.com.

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