Arweave (AR)

When we talk about Arweave, it is important to start by clarifying that one thing is Arweave as such, which corresponds to the blockchain platform that hides behind this project, and another thing is the AR, which is the cryptocurrency (altcoin, which is why all cryptos that are not Bitcoin are considered alternative cryptocurrencies) of the project in question.

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Arweave: The Project

Arweave (AR) is a decentralized storage network that seeks to offer a platform for indefinite data storage.

Describing itself as “a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets“, the network primarily hosts “permaweb”, a permanent, decentralized web with a number of community-driven applications and platforms.

The project was first announced as Archain in August 2017, then renamed Arweave in February 2018, and officially launched in June 2018.

AR: The Altcoin (ie The Token)

The Arweave network uses a native cryptocurrency, AR, to pay “miners” to store network information indefinitely.

Whitepaper (in PDF format)

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