Layer 3 Solutions Will Become Increasingly Important, Says Vitalik Buterin


✍️ 20 September, 2022 - 17:31 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum (ETH), talked about layer 3 solutions.
  • It is not possible to stack a layer 2 network over another, but does not rule out the possibility of creating networks with more specific purposes.
  • Buterin believes that layer 3 solutions have much to improve, but in the future they could have a very important role.

Vitalik Buterin, the renowned founder of Ethereum (ETH), talked about layer 3 solutions in a blog post this past September 17th. In it, he explains that the base block chains of an ecosystem are known as layer 1, while the solutions anchored to the chain that provide scalability are layer 2. However, it is not possible to stack one chain on top of another with the same purpose. The question is, what are layer 3 solutions for him?

According to Buterin, stacking two layers of similar designs could limit data availability, and with it, emergency recalls. For this reason, creating one scalability solution within another would be counterproductive. Rollup technology already fulfills this purpose much better than layer 2 solutions, compressing the data and encrypting the information of each transaction.

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What Would Layer 3 Solutions Look Like Then, According To Vitalik Buterin?

Taking the above into account, Buterin proposed three "fundamentally reasonable" views for the use of layer 3 solutions. The first is the use of networks for personalized functions, such as privacy. In this way, the applications would rely on the third level layers for custom and specific functions.

In Buterin's second view, layer 2 solutions offer the general scaling, and layer 3, a second custom scaling through a mechanism different from the EVM. Thus, they could offer data compression according to the specific needs of the format.

The third view will depend on the technology of validiums instead of rollups to provide scaling. This offers a lower degree of security, but is much cheaper.

Over time, Layer 3 Will Become Simpler And Play A More Important Role  

Buterin believes that layer 3 technology and the multi rollup ecosystem is still under development, so it is too early to draw any conclusions. However, he hopes that as the ecosystem scales evolve, layer 3 constructs become simpler and more sophisticated, and have a more important function.

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