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SushiSwap Has Been Hacked: Do Not Use The Platform Until Further Notice

Jakub Motyka By Jakub Motyka Dec 14, 2023
SushiSwap hackeado

✍️ 15 December, 2023 – 6:21 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • The CTO of SushiSwap, Matthew Lilley, has just issued an alert on his profile on the social network X (formerly Twitter) about a hack that is underway towards the platform.
  • They recommend not using any dApp until it is resolved.
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UPDATE: Ledger Fixes Critical Bug Affecting Decentralized Apps. Now Is It Safe To Use Ledger Connect Kit.

SushiSwap has been compromised. This was just announced by Matthew Lilley, the company’s CTO, in an alarming message published on his public profile on the social network X (formerly Twitter):

In his message, Matthew warned that a connector commonly used in Web3 has been compromised with a code injection malicious, which has affected numerous dApps in the crypto world.

What We Know About The SushiSwap Hack Right Now

At this time the information is scarce since the hack has just been made known. But Matthew yes has revealed that the attack seems to be related to Ledger connectors, so any dApp connected to them in some way may now be vulnerable.

In this situation, cryptocurrency and dApp users are advised to avoid interacting with any dApp until further notice. These types of security breaches not only put digital assets at risk, but also raise serious concerns about the privacy and security of personal information.

The incident underscores the importance of constant vigilance and updating of security protocols within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, and serves as a critical reminder for the user community to remain alert and cautious at all times.

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Jakub Motyka

By Jakub Motyka

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