Trezor has suffered a security breach. There are 66,000 users affected

Ataque phishing en Trezor

✍️ 22 January, 2024 - 10:52 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • Trezor has issued a security alert following a flaw in a third-party support platform, exposing contact details of around 66,000 users and raising the risk of phishing attacks.
  • Although no user funds were compromised, Trezor is actively investigating the incident and has contacted affected individuals.
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The cold wallet maker Trezor has issued an alert to its users about a potential phishing threat following a failure security on a third-party support platform.

The incident exposed contact details, including names, email addresses and other sensitive information, of approximately 66,000 users.

What is the latest Trezor security flaw?

In a blog post, Trezor has revealed that the details of some 66,000 users who have accessed Trezor support since 2021 could have been compromised.

After the security breach, the attacker has already contacted 41 users directly by email to try to request sensitive information about their recovery seeds. Additionally, Trezor has identified eight other people who may have been compromised after registering accounts on the same platform hosted by the same third-party provider.

So, are Trezor customers at risk due to this unauthorized system access? The company has assured that user funds have not been affected and that it will thoroughly investigate the incident.

Trezor has also alerted its users about the possibility of phishing scams that could arise due to the security flaw. In phishing attacks, hackers pose as a trusted entity and try to extract sensitive information from users. These attacks are often used to steal valuable user data, passwords, seed phrases, and credit card details.

Trezor has conveyed to users that it will investigate the incident. The company reviewed all interactions and initiated contact with affected individuals. We are currently actively working to determine the full scope of the exploit, including identifying vulnerabilities exposed during the incident.

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