The Creators Of Arbitrum Buy Prysmatic Labs, The Architects Of The Ethereum Merge

Prysmatic Labs Arbitrum

✍️ 13 October, 2022 - 15:56 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • Offchain Labs acquires Prysmatic Labs, the team responsible for the Ethereum Merge.
  • With this, they seek to expand the capabilities of their scalability solution, Arbitrum.
  • What benefits will this union bring to Ethereum and its community?

Offchain Labs, the team behind Arbitrum, has bought Prysmatic Labs, one of the main groups that participated in the Ethereum Merge. Via a post on their official blog, the creators of the popular scalability solution announced the addition of the talented group to their ranks. With this, they seek to expand Arbitrum's capabilities and continue working on joint projects in the future.

Recall that the Ethereum blockchain recently completed its upgrade to the PoS consensus method. In this way, now the validator nodes are responsible for safeguarding and validating network transactions. Prysm is one of the biggest Ethereum clients and a favorite among node brokers. For this reason, its integration with Offchain Labs, responsible for one of the main Ethereum scalability solutions, is so important.

What Benefits Will Prysmatic Labs Bring To The Arbitrum Team?

In his publication, Steven Goldfeder, co-founder of Offchain Labs, assures that “the future of Ethereum is based on Layer 1 for consensus and data availability, and on Layer 2 for execution and execution. scalability. A sustainable future for Ethereum needs not only more communication between the teams developing on both layers, but also more direct collaboration.”

Having said the above, with the union of Offchain Labs and Prysmatic Labs the creation of one of the groups most committed to the development of Ethereum is specified. With this, Arbitrum aims to expand its stack-based scalability solution, to reduce network gas fees. It is currently one of the most influential layer 2 networks within the Ethereum ecosystem.

What Will happen To The Development Of Prysm After The Merge With Offchain Labs?

Following up on his post, Steve assured that the Prysmatic Labs team will continue to develop Prysm in conjunction with Offchain Labs. He also noted that they are deeply involved with other Ethereum development initiatives related to the upcoming update. In other words, his work will continue without interruption, and with the new collaboration of the group behind Arbitrum.

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