Celsius: This Website Allows You To See How Much Money You Have Lost

Celsius Network

✍️ 10 October, 2022 - 11:10 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

A new website, Celsiusnetworth.com, reveals how much users lost with the Celsius network. A list of several individuals has been posted on the site. Top on the list is Jacob Benjamin, who lost $40,468,920 in the defunct crypto lender.

Hirokado Kohji and Russell Stewart follow with $38,197,902 and $26,400,806 worth of losses. A Twitter user, Jameson Lopp, shared the details of the website in a tweet.

Spanish BTC Millionaire Zaryn Dentzel Among The Top Losers

From the list, the seventh-highest loser is Zaryn Dentzel, with claims of having lost $15,520,474. Reports have also surfaced that the tech entrepreneur was the same individual who fell victim to a bitcoin robbery in 2021.

In the heist, the digital mogul lost up to 800 BTC. Dentzel, who is also the co-founder of Tuenti, was forced to surrender passwords of his online account containing the stash.

In Jameson Lopp's thread, a user by the name NOODZTheAlexandriaProject, revealed more losses. According to his post, another investor, Charles Hoskinson, lost $1,658.75 . The losses spread across BTC, ADA, XTZ, and USDC.

Celsius Network Bankruptcy Proceeding Reveals Malicious Deals  

Census's bankruptcy proceeding shows that the firm's executive withdrew large sums of money before declaring bankruptcy. The details were made public on October 6 through a court filing that detailed the customers who fell victim.

The quoted document showed customer names and transaction details. Celsius cracks showed in June when the crypto lenders halted withdrawals. The then crypto-rout aggravated the challenges that resulted in colossal investor losses.

Celsius bankruptcy proceedings have been ongoing since July. Some arguments countering the fraud claims state that Celsius’s management had a legal mandate to make the withdrawals. However, some have underscored the challenges of an entity managed from a central point.

At its peak, Celsius had more than 2 million users with over $12 billion in Assets Under Management. The lender was offering a rate of 17%. At the time of writing, its affiliated token, CEL, was exchanging for $1.05. The price represents a 3.9% dip in the past day and 85% in losses since peaking at $7.

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