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Shiba Eternity Card Pack

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Shiba Inu game, Shiba Eternity, dropped on October 6 for iOS and Android. The collectable card game made it to the top 20 gaming list on Apple Store at debut, with thousands of downloads. The ‘download day’ has become a sensation among the Shiba Inu community.

To start, a user must get a Shiboshi dog and cards to play. Each of the cards is used in battling against fierce opponents. To win points, one must protect Shiboshi, a canine warrior.

While doing so, a gamer must also stick to the game goals, creating a trading card deck and outsmarting opponents. In the gaming arena, there is an in-built shop for purchasing in-game items.

Shiba Eternity Card Packs
Card packs available on Shiba Eternity, the Shiba Inu card game.

Some of the items sold in the shop are card parks, card backs, bundles, and Boost. You can transact using the Shiba Eternity currency dubbed Kibble. Below are the types of cards to buy in the game.

Types Of Card Packs Available In The Game Of Shiba Eternity

The first batch is the Card Packs, where a pack costs 100 Keeble. The price for 40 packs is equivalent to $79.99. Each pack features five newly minted cards and a ‘better card.’

The second types of collectables cards is the Foil Packs, which start at $4.99. Similarly, the price for seven packs goes up to $30.99. Each pack has three newly minted cards, and all the cards are foil cards.

Shiba Eternity Rare Card Packs
Rare card packs available on Shiba Eternity.

The last card category is the Rare Packs. The starting price is $4.99. A 20 pack-bundle costs $79.99. The pack has five newly minted cards, with each card being ‘rare’ or ‘better.’

The Gaming Craze Is Yet To Pump Shiba Inu

The enthusiasm around the collectable card game has not excited Shiba Inu traders. At press time, the canine-themed token was down 2% in the past day, trading for $0.00001116. Comparatively, Bitcoin is at $19,910, while ether goes for $1,350.

With the launch of Shiba Inu's much-anticipated game now complete, the focus shifts to the Shiba Inu metaverse. Shiba Eternity was developed in collaboration with Playside Studios. Its Beta test launched in Vietnam and Australia back in August.

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