A New Malware Attacks Your Cold Wallet To Steal Your Cryptos


✍️ 29 September, 2022 - 17:59 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • A new type of malware as a service has been detected circulating on the internet.
  • Erbium was first seen in July 2022 and is capable of to steal data from cryptocurrency wallets.
  • How does this new malware work and how to protect yourself from it?

A new type of malware has been detected within internet forums, and more specifically within the world of cryptocurrencies, attacking especially to cold wallets or cold cryptocurrency wallets. Erbium is a new virus released as a service for those who want to carry out a cyber attack. It was first seen in July 2022, and has accumulated a large number of victims so far.

The platform has its own panel and aims to steal the victim's data. More specifically, the data of electronic wallets, cold wallets and the cryptocurrencies within them. It can be detected by means of system data collection, drive enumeration and loading processes and DLL files in memory. However, by now it might already be too late.

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How Does The New Erbium Malware Work?

Erbium primarily targets e-wallets, a 2-factor authentication (2FA) and password management software. It uses the content delivery network from Discord and has the ability to steal password, autofill and cookie data from various browsers and email clients. It can also take screenshots of the desktop. Most of the cryptocurrency wallets it targets are browser extensions. However, the malware has also targeted the cold wallets in particular.

The new malware is usually found posing as applications, cheats or cracks in free hosts. In this way, the attackers promote products and distribute the file through forum posts, web pages, and even YouTube videos.

What Security Measures Should I Take To Protect My Crypto Wallets And Cold Wallets?

To avoid this malware, you should take special care in social networks, YouTube videos and web pages that offer this type of service. Do not accept files from unknown contacts or pages of dubious origin. It is also recommended to have an updated anti-virus and anti-malware program on your devices.

To protect your virtual wallets and cold wallets it is recommended to use strong and encrypted passwords. Remember to verify the address you are entering and not trust the search engine for it. Many scams use browser ads to steal data. Finally, remember that your seed phrases are like the keys to your house: don't give your house keys to a stranger.

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