Google Activates A Countdown Clock For The Ethereum (ETH) Merge


✍️ 12 September, 2022 - 19:22 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

Google, with help from Sam Padilla, has developed an ingenious clock in the form of pandas that shows the time is left for the Ethereum Merge. The announcement was made this Friday, notifying all users of the platform that the watch is available through the search engine. Now, whenever someone adds the keywords “ethereum Merge”, the clock will appear, along with the current hashrate, the difficulty behind this change, and much more.

In addition to this, it shows the way in which cryptocurrencies have penetrated FAANG companies and the number of users who are attentive to this change. For weeks and with the new announcements about the Ethereum Merge, the interest in it has grown remarkably. Google, like other platforms, predicts that this interest will continue to grow over time, until it is finally a reality.

The Merge Has Aroused Interest Throughout The World

The new Ethereum update proposes a new consensus method, by which mining will no longer be necessary. Consequently, the countries where there are companies focused on mining crypto assets have shown a growing interest in the date of the change from PoW to PoS of Ethereum.

Some of the countries that are most interested are Luxembourg, St. Helena, Singapore, North Macedonia and Lithuania. Switzerland is the European country where the issue is a trend, while China and the USA are in position 17 of interested countries. This reflects the growing interest in crypto assets and their uses, with several of the aforementioned countries where there are large projects related to digital currencies.

Google Gets The Excitement Over The Ethereum Merge

Much of the enthusiasm for the Merge is due to the efforts of various celebrities from the world of cryptocurrencies. A clear example of this is Padilla, who has reported on the development of the Merge and its ingenious counter.

This particular user was the one who pushed the idea within Google's search and labs team, and helped them get the counter up and running. In his words, it was "a small and fun surprise" to thank the work that has been done over the years.

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