This Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Burn Tracker Updates In Real Time

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burn

✍️ 11 February, 2023 - 10:03 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • With the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burn tax ongoing, there are plenty of people looking to find out how many LUNC tokens have been burned.
  • There is a tracker that allows you to follow the burning of LUNC in real time.
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The 1.2% Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burn tax is now live. All transactions with the LUNC crypto, in those exchanges and platforms that have accepted it, are now taxed with a 1.2% tax that goes to the burning of the Terra Classic cryptocurrency.

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So, how's the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burn going? How many tokens have been burned already? Where can you see real time the burning of the Terra Classic network?

Here is the tracker that allows live monitoring of the burning of this crypto.

Day Total LUNCs burned
September 2180,598,500 LUNC
September 22380,650,755 LUNC
September 23455,274,187 LUNC
September 24288,365,749 LUNC
September 25258,889,995 LUNC
September 26467,117,204 LUNC
September 27289,659,466 LUNC
September 28158,917,653 LUNC
September 29239,540,808 LUNC
September 30299,379,045 LUNC
October 1315,044,793 LUNC
October 2344,267,821 LUNC
October 3
(1st Binance burn)
6,029,476,724 LUNC
October 4166,480,427 LUNC
October 5194,375,353 LUNC
October 6175,574,724 LUNC
October 7161,655,450 LUNC
October 8185,223,707 LUNC
October 9197,029,473 LUNC
October 10
(2nd Binance burn)
3,242,445,787 LUNC
October 11286,291,379 LUNC
October 12143,416,469 LUNC
October 13296,532,858 LUNC
October 14239,414,209 LUNC
October 15139,923,673 LUNC
October 16229,063,699 LUNC
October 17 (3th Binance burn)2,732,404,933 LUNC
October 18231,518,928 LUNC
October 19172,365,752 LUNC
October 2050,594,164 LUNC
October 2156,679,284 LUNC
October 2236,233,261 LUNC
October 2326,458,796 LUNC
October 24 (4th Binance burn)1,442,973,107 LUNC
October 2527,420,412 LUNC
October 26+146,882,592 LUNC
October 2729,804,114 LUNC
October 28416,588,865 LUNC
October 2934,222,751 LUNC
October 3067,064,596 LUNC
October 31 (5th Binance burn)1,317,847,753 LUNC
November 139,074,790 LUNC
November 2+150,574,315 LUNC
November 351,332,337 LUNC
November 465,837,474 LUNC
November 573,735,553 LUNC
November 625,668,147 LUNC
November 781,405,173 LUNC
November 882,490,064 LUNC
November 9236,474,812 LUNC
November 10(Until now) 146,191,764 LUNC
February 9, 202368,683,935 LUNC
February 10, 202349,830,119 LUNC
Table with the burning of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) since the activation of the 1.2% burning tax in the transactions over the Terra Classic network.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Burn Tracker Today, February 10, 2023

Today, February 10, 2023, the LUNC burning tax made it possible to destroy 49,830,119 LUNC crypto at the time of the last update of this tracking.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Burn Tracker Yesterday, February 9, 2023

Yesterday, February 9, the LUNC burning tax made it possible to destroy 68,683,935 LUNC crypto.

How To See In Real Time The Burning Of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) With This Tracker

The web page that allows to track the burning of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) live is called StakeBin. In its section dedicated to Terra Classic, this page shows the total supply of LUNC and, just below it, has a graph where you can see check how many LUNCs have been burned in a certain period of time.

StakeBin Terra Luna Classic LUNC Burn
In the "Total LUNC Supply" section, StakeBin allows you to know how many LUNC tokens have been burned in each period of time. For example, in the last 24 hours.

For example, at the time of writing this news today, September 21, in the last 24 hours more than 14 million LUNC have been burned, which is equivalent to about 4,000 dollars in Terra Luna Classic tokens that have been destroyed to decrease the total supply.

Likewise, on the website in question there is also a graph below with the total supply of TerraClassicUSD (USTC), the Terra Classic stablecoin that turned out not to be as stable as thought, and the amount of tokens burned in each period of time.

These Are The Exchanges That Have Agreed To Burn Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

At we have prepared an article with the complete list of cryptocurrency exchanges that have agreed to burn Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) under the new 1.2% tax: Which exchanges have agreed to burn 1.2% on Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)?

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