TerraPoker (TPT), P2E Game Based On Terra Blockchain, Launch Date Revealed

TerraPoker TPT

✍️ 21 September, 2022 - 14:34 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

Terra blockchain-based play-to-earn game TerraPoker has delayed its launch by a day. The platform has also noted that its TPT token lock-up moves to September 23 at 15:00 UTC.

Tera Poker is an internet poker game similar to the popular Texas Hold’em. According to Medium.com, the P2E game aims to be an on-chain poker destination for gamers. The platform has created two liquidity pools, TPT-LUNA and xTPT, on Astro Genrator.

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In a Twitter post announcing the delay, the LPs will be implemented through the Astroport governance poll. The xTPT token powers the governance aspect.

Astroport DEX To Manage TerraPoker Liquidity Pools

TerraPoker maintains that part of the reason for the delay is to launch WebApp separately. The unveiling will be in sync with the liquidity pool incentives. Moreover, the integration will prevent extra unstacking and re-staking steps for users, according to the post.

TerraPoker is part of the plan to reconstruct the collapsed Terra ecosystem. It allows users to earn DeFi earnings and gaming rewards. The blockchain game taps $TPT token as its utility currency. Equally important, TerraPoker uses LUNA as a base-denominated currency.

According to the TerraPoker website, TPT has a total supply of 200 million tokens. For policy decisions, xTPT is the community governance token on P2E gaming. Besides, also important to note is the Terra Poker roadmap. The blockchain game is planning an open tournament open and airdrop in the fourth quarter. Further, the roadmap also includes a YouTube live streaming service scheduled for the last quarter of the year.

The P2E Gaming Roadmap Includes Support For Cosmos IBC

TerraPoker litepaper, released in July 2022, includes a plan by the gaming platform to have Cosmos cross-chain support. Valkeie_money IPC token sale participants were rescheduled to the same time as the launch.

Valkyrie Protocol is part of the platforms reconstructing Terra. Others include Terra Builders Association and Terraform Labs. It is interesting to note how Terra Poker will maneuver regulatory challenges, especially in the US. Currently, some jurisdictions are restricting internet poker.

Meanwhile, the collapsed Terra Classic is striving for a comeback. This comes after implementing a 1.2% tax burn. Several exchanges, including Binance, have moved to implement the proposal. The tax regime aims to impose a fee on all transactions to cut LUNC supply to the tune of 10 billion.

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