Best Cardano (ADA) Wallet You Can Use

Best Cardano ADA Wallet

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Cardano (ADA) is one of the top blockchains for decentralized applications, multi-asset ledger, and smart contracts (self-executing blockchain programs that runs when certain conditions are met.) ADA is the native cryptocurrency in Cardano used for payments and staking - allowing users can delegate the asset to a staking pool and earn rewards.  

Choosing the ideal wallet for Cardano can take time and effort. However, in most cases, it is advisable to use a hardware wallet -one not connected to the internet– than a software wallet. Software or hot wallets are not as secure as their hardware counterparts and can be hacked.

But that is something you may already know if you read the reasons to buy a hardware wallet. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the best Cardano (ADA) wallets you can use.

Ledger Wallets For Cardano (ADA)

Ledger’s main hardware wallets are the Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S Plus. Both are some of the best Cardano wallets available. Experts recommend buying the wallets directly from the Ledger's website, That way, you avoid counterfeits and security risks.

Ledger is compatible with Cardano (ADA), yes. You can buy and send/receive ADAs using your Ledger wallet, and also you can stake your Cardanos using any of the wallets of this manufacturer.

On December 6, Ledger launched Ledger Stax, a new hardware device designed by Apple Engineer Tony Fadell. The device uses E Ink technology on a rectangular, wrap-around screen that resembles a smartphone. Ledger Stax is available for $279 on pre-order and will ship by March 2023, according to the company's announcement.

Trezor Wallets For Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is supported on Model T wallet from Trezor. You can send and receive ADAs using your Model T, which allows you to store your Cardano tokens using of the safest cold wallets from the market.

Coming in white, gray, and black colors, Trezor One supports more than 1,000 coins and tokens, including Cardano (ADA). The wallet also comes with accessories such as an OTG cable for Android devices and a Cryptosteel – for writing down the seed phrases.

Trezor T is an improvement of Trezor One, with the notable difference being the touchscreen display. The former, however, is a little bit more expensive than the later.

BitBox02 Wallet For Cardano (ADA)

BitBox is a hardware wallet from Swiss manufacturer Shift Cryptocurrency AG. BitBox02 features two distinct software sharing the same hardware. The device supports major cryptocurrencies - including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and also Cardano (ADA)- and comes with an 8 GB microSD card, USB-C Adapter, and a USB-C extension cable.

BitBox 02

BitBox02 is the Swiss alternative to cryptocurrency cold wallets. It has open source code and is available in two versions: Bitcoin-only edition and Multi edition.

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The 45 by 24 by 8 mm device has hidden touch sensors on both sides that turn on when typing, swiping, or holding. You can read our review of BitBox02 here.

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