Crypto Bubble: Paystand CEO Talks About Being Optimistic


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  • Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have generated several criticisms currently.
  • Both the crypto winter and the constant discussions regarding regulations have generated fear in investors.
  • What do some experts think of the criticism and comparisons they have generated?

Jeremy Almond, CEO of Paystand, talks about the importance of being optimistic and trusting that the cryptocurrency bubble will pass. Although he points out that the approach of different veterans, offering tips and strategies, is important, you need to be resilient and positive above all else. According to the statements given by him, there are only two important keys when facing winter. “First of all” he declared “It is necessary to have a brutal understanding of the facts and a relentless optimism about the future”.

The crypto winter has generated a myriad of opinions, including a comparison between the dotcom bubble of the early internet and cryptocurrencies. Likewise, Almond, like many entrepreneurs, believes that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and the ideal is to focus on getting out of the bear market. Regarding these comparisons, the CEO stated that “The companies that survived, prospered and grew, were the ones that built real products and services. They were part of a broader movement that brought about a change in society.”

The Relationship Between The Dotcom Bubble And The Cryptocurrency Bubble

For a while, the internet was seen as a risky investment and its value began to fall. It was over time that, after the creation of new services, more investors returned to this platform, boosting its value up to 20 times more. Almond recommends that, as happened with dotcoms, companies focus on creating better value for their customers.

Finally, another of his recommendations was to open up more space for developers in companies. On this, he commented on the importance that the creative efforts of the employees be used for the benefit of society. Hand in hand, he concludes by adding that he recommends pessimists to withdraw from the market.

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