Crypto Millionaires By Accident Plead Not Guilty After Receiving $10.5 Million


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  • An Australian married couple mistakenly received $10.47 million from a cryptocurrency exchange after requesting a $100 withdrawal.
  • They are accused of theft and misappropriation, although they assure that they are innocent.
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The Australian couple who mistakenly received $10.5 million from a cryptocurrency exchange after requesting a $100 withdrawal have pleaded not guilty to charges of misappropriation and theft that they face after being released on bail.

Thevamanogari Manivel and Jatinder Singh, the marriage that became millionaires overnight after an erroneous income from a amount of 10.5 million dollars, have decided to plead not guilty after leaving prison by paying bail and with the commitment not to leave the country until the trial is held.

Crypto Millionaires By Mistake Spent Their Money On Properties, Cars, And Gifts

As reported by the local media Newcastle Herald, the millionaires by mistake received an income of 10.47 million dollars in May 2021 from a cryptocurrency exchange in which an employee made an error in a spreadsheet by noting the $100 withdrawal request that the couple had made with a different amount.

Although the admission was made in May, it was not until December of that same year when an internal audit in the exchange discovered the exorbitant payment to the Australian couple.

By the time the exchange requested a refund, the couple had already spent half that amount on real estate, cars and gifts. The other half was transferred to a bank account located in Malaysia.

To date, the exchange has managed to recover a good part of the amount deposited by mistake, but there are still 3 million dollars that have not been returned and that the exchange requests that the couple reinstate for deal with the debt acquired with the wrong income.

They Are Prohibited From Leaving The Country Until The Trial Is Held

The couple assures that they received the 10 million dollars after winning a cryptocurrency contest on the exchange, but for the moment they must remain on bail until the trial is held, in which they are accused of theft and misappropriation.

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