The Best Cold Crypto Wallet Now Comes With $30 Worth Of Free Bitcoin (BTC)

Ledger Nano X

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The hardware wallet provider Ledger is running a Black Friday promotion where participants can "Get up to $30 of free BTC when you buy a ledger wallet'' between November 21-28, 2022. For its Nano X series, customers can get up to $30 free bitcoins and more than $20 BTC in the Nano S Plus category.

Black Friday On Ledger: How It Works

In five steps, Ledger has outlined how customers can redeem the rewards.

  • Go to the website of Ledger.
  • Purchase any selected Ledger Nano - Nano X and Nano S Plus - using BTC on
  • The shipped product kit includes a personalized gift card.
  • Set up the Ledger Live app, and under the discover section, go to refer-a-friend account.
  • Create an account and sign in with an Ethereum address.  
  • Get the gift code.

Scratch the gift card to reveal the gift code, and using the instruction from the app, key in the code into the refer-a-friend account.

Terms And Conditions Of The Black Friday Promotion For Ledger Cold Wallets

The claim is valid within a month after redeeming the gift code – and a user must provide a BTC address. There is an option to provide the proposed BTC address or create a new address. Once a user has submitted the address, payments will be made within days, according to the announcement. 

Ledger crypto wallet's black Friday deal features a maximum of 15,000 Nano X vouchers and 15,000 Nano S Plus vouchers, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The redemption rate is at the BTC market price. In addition, one must be above 18 years to participate.

Cold Storage In Crypto With Ledger

Hardware wallets – like Ledger Nano X and Nano S Plus – are gaining popularity as the safest ways to store digital assets. The use of centralized exchanges (those controlled by a single entity) or non-custodial digital wallets could lead to the loss of cryptocurrencies. It can be through the collapse of the exchange as was the case with FTX or through a hack.

For the hardware wallets – also called cold storage- the digital assets are kept off the internet connection, which is deemed susceptible to hacks. What happens when you lose your Ledger? In such a case, the good news is that your crypto remains safe -since they are stored on a blockchain. You can restore your Ledger account in a separate wallet if the seed phrase is secured well.

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