Save 30% With The Trezor Crypto Wallet On Black Friday

Trezor Model T

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Popular hardware wallets and accessories provider, Trezor, is offering Black Friday sale discounts across its multiple products so you can upgrade your security setup. For Trezor Model One, you will get 30% discount, while Trezor Model T’s price is down 15%.

The industry leader – founded in 2013 – has also given discounts across its Metal seed phrase backups. Cryptosteel capsules (supporting up to 25 seed phrases) are selling at a 20% discount. Cryptosteel cassettes (for keeping seed words with steel tiles in a metal plate constriction is also down 20%.

Other products on sale include the Cryptotag Zeus – which you can buy at 15% lower. Cryptotag Zeus is a backup wallet that lets users imprint their seed phrases in solid titanium. The metal backup accommodates 24 words per Zeus. Trezor Glove and lanyard cable with accessories have been priced at 30% discount in the promotion, which ends November 28.

Trezor Offers Cold Storage In Multiple Cryptos

Powered by the Suite app, Trezor hardware wallet is a cold storage solution for cryptocurrency assets. It offers more than 1000 coins and ERC 20 tokens, among them Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar. It also features a 50-digit user-defined passphrase – required each time a user unlocks the hardware wallet.

In case of theft or if the wallet is misplaced, one can use the multi-word recovery seed word (Shamir Backup in the Model T devices). Of importance to note is that Trezor requires no username or password to operate; instead, it is accessible with the physical address of your computer.

In addition, Trezor is based on an open-source code, auditable by industry experts, and constantly updated against threats. It is touted as a trustless, decentralized cold storage solution that operates without the control of the parent company.

The Importance Of Cold Storage Amid Instability Of Centralized Exchanges

Lately, cold storage solutions in cryptos with hardware wallets are proving crucial amid the shortcomings of centralized exchange – which rely on a trusted third party. The secure cold storage offers ease of access to the key phrases. To transact, a user can connect to a computer and access the assets through a limited USB connection and interface.

Check the full offer from Trezor for Black Friday 2022 here.

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