LiveArtX Hack Plummets The Price Of Seven Treasures NFT

LiveArtX Hack

✍️ 17 October, 2022 - 12:50 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • Hackers' attack on one of LiveArtX's wallets has plunged the price of its main collection of NFTs.
  • The price of NFTs from the Seven Treasures collection, one of LiveArtX's best-known collections, has fallen by 95% in the last few hours.
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The hacker attack on one of the official wallets of LiveArtX that has occurred this past October 16th has fully affected the price of the NFTs in the Seven Treasures collection, one of the best-known series on this digital art platform.

LiveArtX is an NFTs platform that in recent weeks had received strong support from investors, having raised a round of more than 4.5 million dollars by companies such as KuCoin or BNB Chain Fund.

LiveArtX Has Suffered A Hacker Attack On One Of Its Official Wallets

As has become known in recent hours, one of the official wallets of the LiveArtX NFT platform has been compromised and, although the extent of the damage is not yet known, everything points to because the hackers would have gained access to the wallet in question through their attack.

For the moment, LiveArtX has only limited itself to communicating that they are doing everything possible to "solve the problem" with the wallet that has been compromised and will keep the community updated. In a matter of a few hours, the tweet has been filled with users asking for more explanations about the situation.

Price Of NFTs From LiveArtX's Seven Treasures Collection Plummets After Hacker Attack

Meanwhile, the price of Seven Treasures – one of LiveArtX's leading NFT collections – has seen its price fall. plummeting value in the absence of news about the seriousness of the hacker attack. In just a few hours, the average price of these NFTs has fallen from $1,493 to $73, with a brutal increase in volume of operations that would reflect the massive sale of the NFTs in this collection.

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