Telegram Now Allows Users To Buy And Sell Cryptos


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  • Telegram launches the P2P service for sending cryptocurrencies in its wallet.
  • This functionality allows the purchase/sale of cryptos without commissions on the purchase, as well as the sending of cryptocurrencies to any user of the messaging app.
  • The latest news about cryptos, in our Telegram channel.

The cryptocurrencies make their way into Telegram. Independent developers of The Open Network (TON), associated with the cryptocurrency Toncoin (TON), have launched a cryptocurrency wallet integrated within the messaging app, which enables the sending and receiving of cryptos without the need to use any external service.

Instead of having to send cryptocurrencies to a wallet address, or resort to exchanges for their purchase/sale, now Telegram users will only need the name of the recipient's account in the messaging app to carry out the transaction, as announced by the developers in a statement.

Telegram Users Can Now Send Toncoin (TON) To Each Other, There Is Also P2P Crypto Buying/Selling

What the developers of Telegram have done is to introduce the P2P (Peer to Peer) system inside the @wallet bot. This will not only allow the sending of cryptocurrencies from one account to another, but also opens the door to a market for buying/selling crypto between users, without any commission for the purchase (although yes for the sale, of 0.9%).

P2P Telegram
This is the new cryptocurrency P2P market option on Telegram.

At the moment, the new P2P market of the Telegram wallet is compatible with the following currencies: US dollar, euro, ruble, grivna and the Kazakh tenge. Each currency has its own list of accepted payment methods, so take a look to see what options exist in each country to load the balance of the wallet with fiat money.

It should be noted that the @wallet bot was not created or maintained by Telegram. It is managed by the TON Foundation, which is independent.

The Price Of Toncoin (TON) Today Is Up 3.93% In The Last 24 Hours

After hearing the news, the price of the cryptocurrency Toncoin (TON) has risen today by 3.93% in the last 24 hours, reaching a price of $1.41, still far from the maximum of $2.04 that it reached in the last month. The market capitalization of this crypto is $1,720,482,483.

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