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✍️ 3 September, 2022 - 6:45 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

With an overwhelming majority of votes, the crypto community has approved the Phoenix airdrop of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC). 331 million votes for "Yes" (99.99%), compared to 17,025 votes for "No" (0.01 %), have undoubtedly defined the decision of the users of the new crypto LUNA regarding this airdrop.

The proposal for the new Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) airdrop contemplates transferring a sum of 19,504,909 LUNAs from the community pool to launch an airdrop to those users who could not receive the tokens that correspond to them during Genesis.

Luna Crypto Community Approves A New Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) Airdrop

Voted in favor under proposal number 986, this initiative seeks use a certain amount of LUNCs or LUNAs to send them to those, either due to technical failures or by Because of problems with indexing, they did not receive the adequate amount of LUNA tokens in the previous Genesis distribution of the crypto.

Full details about the requirements for the LUNA Phoenix airdrop can be found at their official website, where you will find all the info related to who can participate in this new airdrop, which are the requirements, and how to opt for the drop of tokens.

To prevent tokens from being lost in wallets that are no longer active, to participate in the airdrop it will be necessary to claim the tokens from LUNA in a period that ends on September 28, 2022. In case it is not done, the unused tokens and gas fees will be returned to the community pool.

LUNA, The Crypto That Returns Under A Governance Model

The new LUNA is a cryptocurrency in which the future of crypto is decided by the users. All project decisions are put to a vote, and any changes to Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) development must be approved by the community.

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