Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) At $1: "That Will Never Happen"

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) 1$

✍️ 8 September, 2022 - 9:54 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

The news about Terra Classic (LUNC), the new crypto from LUNA, does not stop. Although in this case it is a jug of cold water for all those who are closely following the price of this cryptocurrency, which has only risen in recent days, increasing its value of exponentially up to the $0.0002682 at which it is currently trading.

But not everyone is so optimistic about the future of Terra Luna Classic (LUNC). Michaël van de Poppe, a well-known cryptocurrency market analyst, has assured that Luna Classic will never be worth $1. Asked about it, he has simply limited himself to saying that " uses mathematics", referring to the fact that the fundamentals of this crypto do not support the possibility that it will end up trading at 1 dollar or more.

Terra Luna Classic Crypto LUNC Will Never Be Worth $1, According To This Analyst

Michaël van de Poppe is a well-known cryptocurrency analyst in the sector, with more than half a million followers behind him. Yesterday he posted a tweet in which he stated that he found "pumping" from LUNC, referring to the rise in price of this cryptocurrency in recent days, and then responded to a follower who apparently has acquired 3 million tokens of the new LUNA crypto hoping they reach $1:

"That will never happen", three words that are enough to cast a Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) price prediction on the which obviously rules out the possibility that the price of the cryptocurrency will ever reach 1 dollar, according to this analyst.

Price of Luna Classic Crypto, LUNC, Continues its Frantic Rise

Only in the last 24 hours, the price of Terra Classic (LUNC) has risen again by more than 20% . It is currently trading at 0.0002682$, with a volume that is about to reach two billion dollars.

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