Ethereum Name Service (ENS): Price Prediction For 2025

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Price Prediction 2025

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The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open source, naming system built on the Ethereum blockchain, and supported on other networks. ENS, also referring to its native token, maps human-readable names to machine-readable ones such as wallet addresses. The domains can also be used for website addresses and apps, or traded as non-fungible tokens

What is Ethereum Name Service price prediction for 2025? What is the best price we can expect from ENS in 2025, according to predictions? According to experts’ analysis, the price of ENS could go as high as $80 at a maximum and $64 at a minimum in 2025

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Price Prediction For 2025: Historical Price Outlook 

To check the accuracy of the prediction, we look at the historical prices. The token – also doubling as a governance digital asset in the Ethereum Name Service DAO – traded 6% lower in the past day at $17.03.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed, open source, naming system built on the Ethereum blockchain, and supported on other networks

In the past month, ENS has climbed 0.27%, and 14% in the last three months, since trading at $14.9. Despite a 52% price decline year-to-date, ENS has remained resilient compared to the rest of the crypto space, which has dropped 66% in market valuation to $981 billion

Part of the reasons for the declining crypto market, also referred to as crypto winter, lies on the macroeconomic factors. High inflation rates have forced most central banks globally to hike interest rates to levels not seen before  - pushing investors away from riskier assets like cryptos. 

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Fundamentals: What Are The Odds For $80 By 2025? 

Fundamentally, Ethereum Name Service has recorded a rise in new registrations, an aspect that informs the 2025 ENS price prediction. Data from ENS domains shows new registrations climbed to 437,000 September, representing a 57% increase from the previous month.

Ethereum Name Service ENS Price Graph Last Year October 29, 2022
Graph with the price of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) during the last year until today, October 29, 2022.

The ENS domains have not only attracted adoption from individual investors, but also the big corporations – chanel.eth and nike.eth. 

Aside from the rising ENS registrations, Ethereum’s proof-of-stake merge places the name service strategically towards the $80 prediction by 2025. The Merge (which went live on September 15) aims for efficiency and lower transaction fees, or gas fees, in Ethereum. With this in mind, more Web3 projects will likely launch on Ethereum and push upwards the demand for ENS domains and the price of ENS to $80 by 2025.

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