Is Ethereum (ETH) Still A Good Investment?

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There are doubts about whether Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is a good investment. Currently experienced strong growth after the announcement of its update, but there are those who still doubt whether this altcoin will be able to recover its maximum prices of the last year.

Despite having completed its long-awaited merger, the price of ETH has continued to fall along with the rest of the market. What has happened? Is Ethereum still a good option to invest?

Why Did The Price Of Ethereum (ETH) Fall?

The latest update of Ethereum, The Merge, was proposed within its community as the definitive solution to the main problems of the network. These are obviously its capacity, scalability and high transaction fees.

The Merge has been the big update for Ethereum (ETH) this year.

However, after the upgrade was completed, the only visible change was its migration to the PoS consensus model. Ethereum network problems still exist, but now it is not possible to mine ETH from the same way. How does this affect the Ethereum price prediction in 2030? And in 2025? And in 2023?

For starters, “The Mergeis the first phase of a larger update. Its main objective was to improve the security framework of the network, and reduce its energy consumption. With the migration of the consensus method from PoW to PoS, the objectives were successfully achieved. However, misinformation led many to believe otherwise.

The next update, The Surge, is scheduled for 2023. This will add fragmentation to the blockchain, which will allow the validation workload to be shared between the different shards. This will have a direct impact on the capacity and speed of the blockchain. network, but this will not be visible until after the following updates: The Verge; The Purge; and The Splurge.

Is Ethereum Still A Good Investment?

The quick answer, according to some experts, is: absolutely! Despite the recent drop in its price, Ethereum remains one of the most important networks and the second largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Its ecosystem and utility continues to grow at breakneck speed, so it will eventually recover and reach new peaks without much difficulty.

Ethereum ETH Price Graph Last Year Until October 28, 2022
Graph with the price of Ethereum (ETH) in the last year until today, October 28, 2022.

Taking into account its value and growth potential, Ethereum (ETH) is currently undervalued. It is not the first time that a cryptocurrency, with a bright future, has fallen due to market action and the macroeconomic moment.

Many see the current price of Bitcoin (BTC) and regret that they missed their opportunity to buy at $1,000, and there are experts who say that the same will happen with Ethereum (ETH).

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