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Bitcoin (BTC) now has millions of users since its debut in 2009. Ownership is spread across individual investors, public and private corporations, as well as government institutions. Even so, some investors, most of them early adopters, have amassed a huge stash of the primary cryptocurrency. Who owns the most Bitcoin?

First on the list is Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of the blockchain who disappeared in 2011. Nakamoto owns 1.1 million Bitcoins (valued at $21 billion), which he mined in 22,000 blocks before he abandoned the project.

The second largest Bitcoin owner is The Winklevoss Twin – Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss – both having 70,000 bitcoins. The duo also doubles as the founders of crypto exchange Gemini, founded in 2014.

Largest Individual Owners Include Michael Taylor, Tim Draper, And Others

American Venture capitalist, Tim Draper, comes in third, with more than 29,000 BTC. The 64-year-old started his BTC ownership journey in 2021 and later acquired 29,656 more in 2014, then valued at more than $18 million.

Satoshi NakamotoSource: Unsplash
Satoshi Nakamoto is the number 1 in the list of people who owns the most Bitcoin.

Another top bitcoin owner is Michael Saylor, the founder of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, with 17,732 BTC. The vocal bitcoin ambassador is known for acquiring the digital asset, mostly during the bear market. Besides the top three individual owners, five of them, owning a cumulative 250,000 BTC, remain anonymous.

MicroStrategy And Ukraine Also On The List Of The People Who Has The Most Bitcoin

Leading bitcoin ownership among the publicly listed companies is MicroStrategy. The NASDAQ-listed firm, also related to Michael Saylor (fourth on the individual list), had 130,000 BTC holding as of last month

Financial services company Digital Galaxy has 40,000 BTC, while Voyager Digital holds 12,260 BTC, coming second and third respectively. Tesla is the fourth with a holding of 10,725 BTC.

The biggest private companies owning BTC are Mt. Gox, Block.one, and The Tezos Foundation, with 141,686, 140,000, and 17,500 BTC. Various jurisdictions and government entities have also joined the adoption of bitcoin, some holding the largest treasuries.

Top among them is war-torn Ukraine, with 46,351 Bitcoins. Second is El Salvador, also using its 2,381 bitcoin stash as a legal tender. Others are Finland and Georgia, with holding 1,981 and 66, respectively.

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