OpenSea Incorporates New Measures To Prevent The Sale Of Stolen NFTs


✍️ 13 August, 2022 - 13:12 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • NFT theft is a problem that has affected the entire crypto market.
  • OpenSea, one of the main Web3 Marketplaces, has implemented new policies for the sale of stolen NFTs.
  • Will they be effective? How will they prevent the trading of stolen NFTs?

OpenSea, one of the leading marketplaces dedicated to NFT trading, has raised new policies to control the sale of stolen tokens. The company announced that its policies were made based on the laws of the United States, where it is Prohibited knowingly allowing the sale of stolen items.

Theft of NFTs and crypto assets is one of the main problems in the blockchain world. OpenSea is making an effort to adapt its policies and add additional measures against stolen items. However, it is natural that there are users who have bought this type of token without knowing it, and possibly were penalized for it. For this reason, the platform seeks to make the police report more useful.

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What Is About The OpenSea's New Policies For Buying And Selling Stolen NFTs?

With the new policies, the police report will no longer be just a method to resolve disputes between OpenSea users. With the new update, they will be used to confirm reports of stolen items within the NFT platform. If there is no new police report within seven days, the platform will allow you to buy or sell the reported item.

In addition, OpenSea is actively working on finding new solutions to prevent NFT theft. One of them was the integration of new additional security features to protect its users. scams. It's also doing what it can to help design an automated system to help them detect threats and theft.

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