Polymath (POLY) Crypto Price Skyrockets More Than 100% Today

Polymath POLY crypto

✍️ 8 September, 2022 - 21:01 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

Interesting bullish rally that the crypto POLY of the Polymath project has just experienced in a matter of minutes. From one hour to another, the Polymath (POLY) price has shot up today more than 100%, going from a price of 0.1859 dollars to registering a maximum of 0.4409 dollars.

It is not, in any case, the highest price that the cryptocurrency Polymath (POLY) has reached in the market. Its record historical maximum is found in the month of March 2018, when it reached 1.60 dollars, and since then it has traded at irregularly, with a price always below 1 dollar, in the crypto market.

Polymath's POLY Crypto Shoots Up More Than 100% In A Few Hours

Many users will have been surprised reviewing the top cryptocurrencies in the market to see that Polymath (POLY) has shot up more than 100% in the last few hours. It has jumped from the $0.18 at which it had been trading all day, reaching a maximum of $0.44, although at the time of writing this news it has begun to correct its value and is close to $0.34.

Polymath (POLY) price today September 8 2022
Graph of the price of Polymath (POLY) in the last 24 hours until today, September 8, 2022.

The crypto POLY currently has a market capitalization of 313,974,854 dollars, occupying position 95 in the Top cryptocurrencies in the market. In the last 24 hours, it has been the protagonist of a trading volume of 252,434,847 dollars, a very high figure considering that it represents a rise of more than 6 thousand percent.

Polymath Is A Project That Seeks To Increase Security In Crypto Operations

On its official website, Polymath introduces itself as an open source project aimed at offering maximum security when it comes to issuing and managing tokens on a blockchain. In their social profiles they talk about "facilitating intelligent digital investments: everything in one platform, an institutional grade platform to digitize real-world assets".

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