Shiba Eternity: First Impressions Of The New Game From Shiba Inu

Shiba Eternity First Impressions

✍️ 6 October, 2022 - 11:46 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

The much-awaited Shiba Inu game, Shiba Eternity, is now live on Android and iOS devices. Shiba Eternity has given the Shiba Inu community the first impression of the SHIB-themed game. Once you get a sneak peek of the match, you will find it superb.

Shiba Eternity's battle venue is at an arena dubbed Digjo. Two Shiba Inus take their stand on the podium in the opposite corners. The cards are in their middle, and every player is given five pieces for a start.

How To Play Shiba Eternity Game

It is a card fighting game that features a Shiba Inu avatar named Shiboshi. A player must protect Shiboshi, presented as a canine warrior. To proceed with the game, one must pick up a fighter or weapon card.

How To Play Shiba Eternity
This is how your first time playing Shiba Eternity will look like.

‘Katana slice weapon card’ or ‘ancient instinct’ lets Shiboshi attack. On the other hand, the fighter cards have rare abilities that fight in the place of Shiboshi. The game works by allowing players to carry various cards in their gaming adventure.

In-game Currency, Dogjo Masters, And Collectibles

Shiba Eternity has the authentic feel of the Japanese martial arts. The battle features an in-game currency dubbed Kibble. The token allows players to earn both XP and Kibble for each of their completed quests.

Shiba Eternity Cards
Some of the cards from the Shiba Eternity game.

There is also an additional feature that lets players burn cards for more in-game currency rewards. Gamers can also access numerous cards and Shiboshis as collectables. The featured Dogjo masters can also be trained by their masters for battles.

Something else that stands out with Shiba Eternity is the avatars. The Shiba inu characters in the arena can be changed to one’s preference using in-game items of varying uniqueness. The test launch for the Shiba Inu game happened in Vietnam and Australia.

The Game Debut Boosts The Price Of SHIB Token

The onset of the canine-themed game has given the Shiba Inu token some life. Although the price has had a little change in the past day, the weekly gains stand at 3%. SHIB is currently changing hands for $0.00001142.

Meanwhile, rumors say that the Shibarium could also be preparing to unveil a public beta. It is a layer-2 platform that will play host to the SHIB token once fully deployed.

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