What Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Best Time Of The Day To Buy Bitcoin BTC

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  • What is the best time of the day to buy Bitcoin? There is an answer for this question.
  • Morning hours, Mondays, and Tuesdays are the best times and days to buy Bitcoin - study reveals. The research also observed that BTC often trades lower at 6 am UTC on Fridays.
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Have you ever thought about the importance of choosing the right day of the week to buy cryptos like Bitcoin? Or even more in detail, have you ever taken in consideration the time of the day before buying BTC or any other altcoin? Well, according to experts, you should take this in mind.

The best time of the day to buy Bitcoin (BTC) is in the morning hours, according to experts who observed the digital asset's price behavior between 2018 and 2020. The study also showed that BTC normally trades the lowest at 6 am UTC on Fridays. For traders, analysts recommend that the time between midnight and 1 pm UTC is good for intraday transactions.

Experts Recommend Trading During The Most Active Time Of The Day

Experts urge that all the trading activities should be completed during the most active time of the day – it is the easiest way to make active profits. Notably, the accuracy of the research above is based on the fact that the study did not consider the overall price history of Bitcoin – but took a snapshot of the two years – to even out the token's volatility.

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Trading during the most active time of the day is key to buy Bitcoin in the best moment.

Experts also believe that most volatility in BTC happens in the morning hours where the digital asset often moves much faster. Specifically, the most active time is between the U.S. time, 19 hours and 20 hours. Based on the two-year observation, more highs and lows were recorded during the period. The time coincides with the North American and the Asian working times.

Mondays, Tuesdays, And Fridays Have A Significant Impact On Profitability

For the specific day of the week, the study revealed that Monday and Tuesday had higher prices than the rest of the days. On most Fridays, BTC prices slumps due to what experts termed as "fatigue" in the American and European markets. The study, however, disclaims that the price at a specific time of the day is subject to many other factors (and charting should be used as part of the trading strategy).

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Watch out with Fridays, as Bitcoin prices slumps due to what experts termed as "fatigue" in the American and European markets.

Meanwhile, the price of BTC is on a bearish momentum. The ‘digital gold’ has tanked 10% in the past day and 12% in the last week. BTC was trading at $17,741 at the time of publication, while ether has lost 18% in the past 24 hours. FTT is currently the biggest loser among cryptos.

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