The Cold Wallet BitBox02 Raises Its Price Tomorrow, Buy It Now Before It’s Late

Caja de BitBox02

✍️ 30 September, 2022 - 10:49 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

BitBox02 hardware wallet price will increase from $129 (€129) to $139 (€139) from October 1, 2022, as we have been just informed at

The price update will take effect across all the BitBox webshops, so it's the last day to buy one of the best cold wallets for this price.

Today is the last day to buy BitBox02 with the best price.

The offer aims to solve unforeseen forex conversion charges. An accompanying statement added that BitBox would offer support for USD payments across North and South America. The Swiss firm added that there would be no inconvenience about having to place an order in a foreign currency.

What Is BitBox02, And How Can You Buy One Before Its Price Goes Up?

Bitbox02 is a hardware crypto wallet for safe storage of digital assets. The cold storage solution keeps assets offline, making them less susceptible to hacks. Want to buy one? You can purchase BitBox02 from this link.

Take in mind today, September 30, is the last day to buy BitBox02 with the lowest price before it goes up.

BitBox02 Security And Supported Tokens

The hardware wallet has enhanced security features and a seamless backup option. It features an auditable open-source code that has passed through the highest industry security standards.

BitBox02 has a microSD card and an easy-to-use touch ability. It requires no cable to plug into a PC. Moreover, the wallet is powered by the BitBox app, software for seamless management of tokens.

Additionally, the cold storage wallet device supports more than 1500 ERC tokens. The Ethereum compatibility allows connection to any decentralized app on the layer-1 blockchain. Aside, BitBox02 supports NFT marketplaces, DEXs, and DeFi. Some enabled cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, and Chainlink.

BitBox02: Last Time Offer To Buy The Crypto Wallet With The Best Price

The Swiss-made hardware wallet is a tap, slide, and hold module. It operates with a non-existent, seamlessly integrated button.

The wallet has a dual chip design with a secure integration. It is made with a strong, durable polycarbonate material. The device is light and pocket friendly, only weighing 12 g. The smart OLED display of 128 by 64 pixels makes it perfect for easy asset management.

BitBox02 also has a BTC-only version, a model touted as more secure, with less code, and enhanced security. The product kit has a BitBox02, MicroSD card, USB-C extension cable, stickers, rubber pulls, and a USB adapter.

BitBox 02

BitBox02 is the Swiss alternative to cryptocurrency cold wallets. It has open source code and is available in two versions: Bitcoin-only edition and Multi edition.

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