FTX Wins Voyager Digital Crypto Exchange Auction

Voyager VGX

✍️ 27 September, 2022 - 5:10 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

The auction of the bankrupt crypto exchange Voyager Digital already has a winner: FTX. The cryptocurrency exchange FTX has won with its bid for Voyager in an auction that has reached a price of 1.42 billion dollars, as reported by Reuters.

In this way, a long story ends after the bankruptcy of Voyager Digital back in July, when it had to declare bankruptcy after failing to maintain a debt valued at 10 billion dollars.

FTX Buys Voyager Digital For $1.42 Billion

The crypto exchange FTX has won the Voyager Digital auction, thus becoming the owner of all the shares of the bankrupt service of Canadian origin that had to declare bankruptcy in the middle of this year .

In a bid that is valued at 1.42 billion dollars, FTX gains access to all Voyager cryptocurrencies, valued at 1.31 million dollars at the current market price, as well as a sum of money of around 111 million dollars.

Voyager Digital was forced to file for bankruptcy after the cryptocurrency market crashed, when it had to make a loan payment of 15,250 Bitcoin (BTC) and did not have enough funds to do so. Since then, the company has been waiting to receive a formal purchase offer from other cryptocurrency exchanges such as FTX or Binance.

The Price Of Voyager Token (VTX) Reacts Timidly To The News

Perhaps because this news was already discounted in its price, the Voyager Token (VTX) price has not reacted abruptly to the news. Its value has only increased by 2.97% in the last 24 hours, reaching a price of 0.7036 at the time of writing this news. $.

The Voyager token VTX has a market capitalization of $196,493,518, with a volume of $37,811,082 in the last 24 hours, a figure 34.97% lower than the same previous period.

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