An Inactive Bitcoin Whale From 2013 Just Transferred 5,000 BTC

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✍️ 5 September, 2022 - 16:00 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • A Bitcoin (BTC) wallet that had been dormant since 2013 just transferred 5,000 BTC to a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The alarms have just gone off in the crypto world: what is the reason for this movement? Who is the owner of this cryptocurrency wallet?
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A Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address that had been inactive since 2013 has just transferred the amount of 5,000 BTC (the equivalent, at the time of the transaction, of about 100 million dollars) to an account in the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Kraken.

The movement of cryptocurrencies, detected by OK Link, has surprised the crypto community due to the unprecedented nature of the transaction. For a wallet that has been 9 years dormant to suddenly make such a large movement of Bitcoins is unusual, especially knowing that if it is sent to a cryptocurrency exchange, it is for be able to withdraw it and convert it to fiat money.

5,000 BTC Transferred From A Sleeping Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Since 2013

The crypto whale has sent the exact sum of 5,000.01 BTC today, September 5, at 04:50:38 (UTC+8), towards a Kraken account. The origin wallet in question was created in 2013, at which time it received the 5,000 BTC income, and since then it has remained inactive until the movement that has set off all the alarms in the community.

Taking into account the fragile state of the price of Bitcoin (BTC) during this month, a slam sale of these 5,000 BTC could generate some turmoil in the price of the cryptocurrency in question. For now, it is unknown what will be the next steps of the whale that owns this valuable portfolio, now transferred to a cryptocurrency exchange.

A Lucky Secret Phrase Recovery From A Lost Crypto Wallet?

The reasons why someone could reactivate a dormant cryptocurrency wallet since 2013 are infinite. It may be the case that, for example, someone lost access to their cold wallet and it was not until now, 9 years later, that they managed to recover it (imagine finding a napkin with the secret words of this portfolio).

A stroke of luck, or a movement with worrying overtones in the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem. We may never know.

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