Cardano (ADA) Delays Again The Hard Fork Vasil

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✍️ 5 September, 2022 - 6:33 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

  • IOG has again announced the delay of the Vasil hard fork.
  • The update was initially scheduled for the end of June.
  • The ADA token has not been affected by the announcement.

The Input Output Global (IOG) has again announced the delay of the Vasil de Cardano (ADA) hard fork. The new update was planned for the end of July. However, after a series of problems seen before its launch on the mainnet, the hard fork was postponed. Apparently, they haven't been able to fix all the bugs in time.

Recall that the Vasil hard fork was implemented on the Cardano testnet early last month. With this update, they hope to significantly improve the performance and capacity of the blockchain. Despite these efforts, it was not possible to migrate to the mainnet due to some errors, which is why they decided to postpone its launch.

What Is causing This New Delay In Cardano's Vasil Hard Fork?

According to Kevin Hammon, the technical manager of the IOG, they decided to postpone the release of Cardano's Vasil hard fork to give developers more time to patch and test it. He noted that “we have just received a new version 1.35.2 that fixes issues identified by stakeholder operators, DApp developers, internal testing, and others. The goal is for this to eliminate any issues as we move towards the Vasil hard fork.”

On the other hand, Tim Harrison, Vice President of Community and Ecosystem at IOG, remains optimistic about the delay of the Vasil hard fork. According to him, it is the only way to ensure that Cardano (ADA) developers and DApps are prepared for the actual release of the update.

Despite the above, the price of the Cardano token (ADA) continues to rise slowly. Many hope that the new update (Vasil) will give it a significant boost, as it was during the launch of the Alonzo hard fork, in September of last year.

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