Cardano (ADA): Price Prediction For 2025

Cardano ADA Price Prediction 2025

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The end-to-end price prediction of Cardano (ADA) is $2.45 by 2025 due to a 'culture of well-planned executed upgrade on Cardano,' according to Paul Levy, a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton. Big on the bullish sentiment are the developments on the network.

Some of them include the Vasil upgrade and ADA listing on Robinhood, all attributed to ADA's recent gains. Vasil, Cardano's latest upgrade, which is expected to enhance transaction speeds and efficiency, went live on September 22.

Cardano ADA Leads Gains In The Past Day

Cardano (ADA) token is the second biggest gainer in the crypto space, with a 12% increase in the past day and a 13% in the last week. The surge has driven the value of the eight-most valuable digital asset to $0.4056. The benchmark price in ADA that informs the prediction is the all-time high of $2.9 in last year's crypto bull run.

Cardano (ADA) reached $2.9 in last year's crypto bull run.

Although Cardano is down 7% and 21% in the past month and three months, respectively, it has held on. It is faring better than the rest of the market. The crypto market cap is down to $980 billion from a peak of $3 trillion.

Also backing the prediction of $2.45 by 2025 in ADA is Cardano’s total value locked, which currently stands at $71 million, according to the largest TVL aggregator platform, DefiLlama. The value, spread across 12 platforms, is bound to rise with the recent Vasil upgrade once the bull market starts.

Lower Transaction Fees Places Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction At $2.45 In 2025

The smart contract platform could expand more than Ethereum, according to Ruadhan O, the creator of Seasonal Tokens, who faulted the latter for high gas fees. Although Ethereum had a major upgrade to the proof-of-stake model last month, its developers stated that the blockchain would need more updates to lower gas fees.

Cardano ADA Price Graph Last 6 Months Until October 26 2022
Graph with the price of Cardano (ADA) during the last 6 months until today, October 26, 2022.

Overall, Cardano is the most actively developed blockchain, with an expansion of DeFi and NFT projects, according to GitHub. With the trend, the platform seems to be living up to the vision of its founders.

The proof of stake network was originally created to sort out a major challenge facing Ethereum – scalability. If the blockchain can fully address this, together with the constant network upgrades, it will likely rise to $2.45 by 2025.

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