How High Will Ethereum (ETH) Go In The Next Years

How High Will Ethereum ETH Go

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Ethereum (ETH) is the second-largest blockchain with a market valuation of $193 billion, almost half that of bitcoin. The native token to the blockchain (which shifted to the proof of stake model last month), ETH, currently trades for $1,582.

The price represents an 18% rally in the last seven days and a 2% decline in the past day. How high will Ethereum go in the next years? Experts’ prediction places the price of ETH at $2,000 at the beginning of next year, $4,000 by mid-year, and $5,000 towards the end of 2023.

ETH Peaked At $4,600 In 2021: How High Will It Go In The Next Years?

To support the claim is the historical price data. Although the PoS crypto has lost 56% of its value year-to-date, the medium-term prices look stable. ETH has gained 16% in the past month and 0.18% in the past three months. Notably, ether peaked at $4,600 in 2021, which is also a price reference in the predictions above.

The price peak from 2021 of Ethereum (ETH) is a price reference in the predictions above.

The prediction of $5000 by 2023 is also backed by a seemingly improving macroeconomic environment and an increasing whale activity. A high global inflation rate has pushed central banks to hike interest rates to unprecedented levels – including the US Federal Reserve, which has raised borrowing rates to 3-3.25%

But that could change after the Canadian central bank raised its bank rates by 50 basis points on October 26, what experts believe is a signal that other jurisdictions could do the same.

Ethereum Whale Activities And The PoS Merge Backs The Claim

Another aspect supporting the forecast is the whale activities on Ethereum– referring to wallets holding between 10,000 to 1 million ETH tokens. Whale transactions on the network surged in October, with one wallet moving $22 million worth of ETH on October 25.

Ethereum ETH Price Graph Last Year November 2, 2022
Graph with the price of Ethereum (ETH) during the last year until today, November 2, 2022.

The second prediction on our aggregation puts ETH at $5,000 by 2025 and $10,000 by 2030 due to the recent proof of stake Merge. Ethereum formally used the proof of work consensus model, which required computers to solve complex mathematical problems to verify transactions. But that changed with the Merge, which went live on September 15.

Besides, some experts believe ETH could surge as high as $100,000 due to institutional adoptions. Fidelity and N26 are some of the financial institutions already using the layer-1 blockchain. Still, another prediction expects ETH to rise as high as $50,000 also because of the benefits of the Merge.

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