Ripple (XRP) Court Case Prediction: What Can Happen?

Ripple XRP Court Case Prediction

✍️ 28 November, 2022 - 18:03 👤 Editor: Jakub Motyka

The case between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple (XRP) could go either way despite the optimism among industry experts that the payments blockchain could win. There are several developments in the industry causing uncertainty around the legal matter.  

What Is The Case Between The US Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) And Ripple (XRP) About?

SEC (the plaintiff) is suing Ripple Labs- the company behind XRP – and its executives, Bradley Garlinghouse and Christian Larsen (the defendants), for using the cryptocurrency to raise funds in 2013 when the digital asset was not a registered security, a claim the defendants deny.  

Citing a speech by the former SEC director of Corporate finance Robert Hinman in 2018, where the executive said that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were non-securities, the defendants argue that XRP is equally not a security. The suit has been ongoing for about two years and is likely to conclude in the first half of 2023, according to Ripple Labs CEO Bradley Garlinghouse. The executive is considering a settlement if the plaintiff can prove that XRP is a security.

Ripple predicción precio 2025
Was Ripple (XRP) a security when it was issued in 2013? That is the case between the SEC and Ripple about.

The legal tussle has a huge significance in the digital assets space. It has garnered participation from major industry players supporting Ripple - including Coinbase, Blockchain Association, and XRP digital payment app SpendTheBits. In particular, Coinbase is faulting the SEC for not giving clear guidance in the industry.

‘’Given the absence of the SEC rulemaking for the cryptocurrency industry, the question of whether the SEC has given fair notice before bringing an enforcement action against sales of one of the thousands of unique digital assets will often be highly fact-intensive, which makes it particularly ill-suited for adjudication on summary judgment,’’ Coinbase said in a filing.

Belgium’s Financial Regulator Said Digital Assets Are Non-Securities

Miles away, a financial regulator of a major European country does not support the views of the SEC. In a recent directive, Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) clarified that digital assets issued solely by computer codes are non-securities.

‘’if there is no issuer, as in cases where a computer code creates instruments, and this is not done in execution of an agreement between issuer and investor (for example, Bitcoin or Ether), then in principle the prospectus Regulation, the Prospectus Law, and the MiFID rules of conduct do not apply’’, FSMA said in a statement released in November.

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