Ripple (XRP): Price Prediction For 2030

Ripple XRP Price Prediction 2030

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  • The payment token Ripple (XRP) could trade as high as $15 by 2030 – technical and fundamental analysis show.
  • Topping the reasons is the Ripple-SEC case and NFT expansion. What is the price prediction for Ripple (XRP) for 2030?
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Despite a rather hesitant crypto recovery, Ripple (XRP) investors are optimistic of a positive price trend towards the end of the year. According to a broader outlook of the XRP price prediction and the fundamental analysis, the latest price prediction for 2030 is at above $15.

As it stands, XRP is trading for $0.4544 – a 1.27% decline in the past day and 2.33% drop in the last week – data from CoinMarketCap shows. The price has barely changed in the last month since trading at $0.45, while, in the last three months, it has gained more than 22%. So far, the cryptocurrency has plunged nearly by half, from $0.83 – following a macro-economic-driven crypto winter. 

What Is Ripple And Can The $15 Price Prediction For XRP In 2030 Hold? 

Ripple is a blockchain for cross-border payments, while XRP is the native token for the actual payments. The platform (formerly known as Opecoin) operates as a public ledger that requires a majority of validators to agree in transaction validations. 

The SEC case against Ripple (XRP) changed all the price predictions for this crypto.

The importance of Ripple and XRP in the blockchain space has made it the sixth-most valuable cryptocurrency in CoinMarketCap list, valued at $22 billion. Experts hold the view that the value could have been much higher were it not for a case pitting Ripple executives and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction For 2030: Ripple – SEC Lawsuit And The Expansion Into NFTs

As a reminder, Ripple’ current CEO, Brad Garlinhouse, and former executive, Chris Larsen, are the co-accused in the case. The landmark lawsuit – which pundits project could tilt crypto regulation – is also expected to boost the price of XRP to as high as $15 by 2030.

Ripple XRP Price Graph Last Year Until November 4, 2022
Graph with the price of Ripple (XRP) during the last year until today, November 4, 2022.

What is more? The case seems to be favoring Ripple so far, following recent courts orders that overruled the securities regulator on certain disclosures. The company has also received support from Coinbase (seeking to be included as a friend of the court in support of the embattled executives). 

Also informing the prediction is the expanding Ripple ecosystem, including a new standard for minting and selling of non-fungible tokens. Ripple CTO David Schwartz recently commented on the offering, describing it as an 'advanced Web3 project with utility.'

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