Decentraland (MANA) Launches Emotes, The Animated Version Of NFTs


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  • Decentraland hopes to launch new emotes created by its community, in NFT format.
  • Following its launch in March and the success it had with its users, this initiative is expected to help creators.
  • Each of these tokens can be traded on the Marketplace, serving as other assets on the platform.

Decentraland (MANA), one of the largest platforms in the metaverse, has announced that it is encouraging its creators to make custom Emotes like NFT. In general terms, Emotes are animated sequences that generally have the .glb or gltf formats. Although there will be free ones within the platform, any custom creation will be represented as an NFT. Thanks to this initiative, all created Emotes can be made part of a collection, all within the blockchain.

With the help of the Polygon network (MATIC) these pieces will be turned into collectibles, being possible to buy, sell or transfer each one all within the Metaverse Marketplace. On the other hand, the creation of these tokens follow the same guidelines as the different pieces of clothing, accessories and other physical characteristics of Decentraland avatars. In order to add their work to collections, each creator must pay a fee, and wait for the curation committee to approve their works.

The Debut Of Animated NFTs In Decentraland

In March emotes were introduced to the platform, making physical expressions easier to express in the digital world. During their debut, at the metaverse fashion week, they took the form of some common postures in the fashion world, that is, imitating models. Like this event, other Emotes have been released imitating characteristic dances, such as Thalia's, during the Pride Parade.

Decentrlaand is planning other special events to make it easier for creators to imagine this type of NFT. One of the most anticipated is the Metaverse Music Festival, which will be released in mid-November. It will be in this event that the platform will make a contest with the best emotes based on dance steps.

Let's see how this affects the MANA price prediction of $100.

What Criteria Must The Creators Of The Emotes Follow To Publish Them In Decentraland?

Many of the criteria behind the selection involve different aspects of your content policy. At the moment, they should not have any aspect that could be considered piracy, or refer to criminal activities. Nor can you infringe intellectual property laws, or movements that promote any speech of others. Finally, they must not breach the privacy policies of the platform and other users.

There are less strict measures that could still prevent an Emote from being published. For example, each item must be unique and cannot have items that mimic others within any published collection. Also, neither can sink below the ground or jump too high. Each animation must be at least 10 seconds long and 300 frames long and must be only 1 MB.

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