The Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold

NFT Most Expensive Ever Sold

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  • With the cryptocurrency revolution, new forms of digital art have appeared.
  • Currently, there is a wide variety of NFT collections on the net with utilities and prices never seen before. What are the most expensive NFT ever sold in history? How much did they cost?
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You don't have to be an expert in the world of cryptocurrencies to know a little, either from comments, something about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the most expensive NFTs that have been sold, most of them being news.

With the rise of blockchain technology and the plethora of new projects, new forms of digital art and entertainment have been spawned. One of the most important, and questioned, are NFTs. Even more so if we talk about the most expensive NFTs in history, as we are going to do in this article.

A Non-Fungible Token or NFT is a piece issued within a blockchain, with a series of characteristics that make it unique. Due to this, it cannot be exchanged 1:1 with another piece from the same collection, since its valuation depends on many technical and aesthetic factors, such as its rarity, name and shape. Likewise, these can be documents, images, music, and even virtual real and personal property within the metaverse.

What Gives Value To An NFT?

Like most goods and assets in the world, the value of a piece is determined by supply and demand. As it is digital art in NFT format, other factors intervene such as rarity, number of copies in the collection, utility and author.

NFTSource: Imagen de amhnasim | Pixabay

Based on this, each piece can have a unique value based on different special characteristics, or simply due to market sentiment. In this bear market that Bitcoin (BTC) is in right now, the value of NFTs has plummeted in 2022.

What Have Been The Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold?

Despite the above, the most expensive works in the history of NFTs lacked any real utility, yet they gained a strong appreciation as pieces of digital art >. This due to its content, author, or simply because of the scarcity of NFT projects that existed at the time.

Here is a small list with the most expensive NFT tokens in history, that is, the most expensive ones that have sold so far:

The Merge - $91.8 Million

The Merge is a virtual work of art designed by Pak, featuring 3 white spheres on a black background. The piece was divided into 312,686 shares and distributed among 28,983 investors:

NFT The Merge
NFT: The Merge.

This is an NFT piece made up of shards, and is designed to increase in mass based on the number of shards sold.

As if that were not enough, it has a deflationary mechanism that merges all the existing tokens in the same wallet, creating a single fragment equivalent to a larger mass.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days - $69.3 Million

The NFT Everydays: The First 5000 Days is a collage with the first 5000 works of Beeple:

Everydays The First 5000 Days
NFT: Everydays: The First 5000 Days.

Contains each and every one of the images uploaded to her Instagram profile between 2007 and 2020 , thus representing, in some way, the evolution of her career as an artist .

Clock - $52.7 Million

The NFT Clock was created by digital artist Pak:

NFT Clock
NFT: Clock

This is a dynamic timer that represents the number of days that Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has spent in prison.

HUMAN ONE - $28.9 Million

HUMAN ONE is the first physical work of art by the artist Beeple, one of the most famous in the NFT world:

NFT Human One
NFT: Human One.

This is a mobile 3D sculpture with four digital screens. It shows a video of an astronaut traversing a planet at different times of the day.

CryptoPunk #5822 - $23.7 Million

CryptoPunk was one of the first NFT collections to gain fame within the cryptocurrency market. This caused many to sell for several thousand dollars during the FOMO wave in mid-2021:

CryptoPunk 5822
NFT: CryptoPunk #5822

The specimen #5822 has the particularity of having a bandana, as well as being one of the 9 aliens in the entire collection.

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  • nft: Imagen de amhnasim | Pixabay

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